Fire & Emergency Services

Emergency Services Firemen

VFIS- Regional Director

In 1969, VFIS became the first agency to develop specialized insurance coverages to meet the needs of America’s emergency service organizations. Until that time, this important group had been misunderstood and neglected by virtually every insurance provider. Today, VFIS is the largest provider of specialized insurance products and services to emergency service organizations, with more than 15,000 clients in 50 states and Canada.

VFIS of Ohio, The Leader

Ohio Public Risk dba VFIS of Ohio became the Regional Director for VFIS in 1984. As the VFIS Regional Director, we are the exclusive provider of insurance, education and consulting services to Emergency Service Organizations such as fire departments, ambulance and rescue squads, and 911 centers. VFIS of Ohio has a strong commitment to the emergency services community. We will continue to expand and grow our commitment to Ohio.

VFIS of Ohio provides the following Coverage’s:

  • Property Damage
  • General Liability
  • Management Liability
  • Automobile Agreed Value
  • Portable Equipment
  • Umbrella/Excess Liability
  • Earthquake & Flood
  • Cyber Liability
  • Privacy Management

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